We have carefully arranged the agenda according to topics, e.g. keynote speeches, panel discussions and product releases etc. So get into the groove and go check it out!

  • 24 March
  • 25 March
  • 9:00Registration

  • 10:00-10:20Opening Performance

  • 10:20-10:30Welcome Remark from FX168, Opening Ceremony (Moderator:Financial Analyst at FX168 Finance College Tengjun Jin)

Speakers Hall

  1. 10:30-11:15

    Keynote Speech: The Industry Structure Development and Its Impact on RMB

    Professor, PhD and Director of the Research Center for Modern Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
    Jianping Ding

  2. 11:15-11:20


  3. 11:20-11:40

    Keynote Speech: FX Futures and Options Trading in the Singapore Exchange

    Singapore Exchange Limited Assistant Vice President
    Gisele Yan

  4. 11:40-11:45


  5. 11:45-12:15

    Keynote Speech: Tech Metal, Building the Future - New Prospect for Platinum Investment

    Head of World Platinum Investment Council
    Weibin Deng

  6. 12:15-13:15

    Tea Culture and Tea Art in Business Occasions

    Senior Tea Teacher and Consultant
    Xianghui Wang


  7. 13:15-13:55

    Panel: The Opportunities and Challenges after the Opening of the Tech-Innovation Market in SSE

    1. Moderator: DJ from Yicai Broadcast Radio(FM97.7)
      Ruoyuan Fang
    2. Guest:Team Leader of Research Strategy Team of Huatai Securities
      Xinyuan Zhang
    3. Guest:Investment Director of Fuanda Fund Management Co.
      Zhanfeng Wu
    4. Guest:Asset Management Dept. of China Everbright Holding Senior Analyst
      Hao Xu
    5. Guest:Co-founder of Liangzong Investment
      Jun Cao
  8. 13:55-14:00


  9. 14:00-14:30

    Keynote Speech: How to Invest in Fixed Income Financial Products

    Co-founder of RMB To Global, Ex-Chinese Chief Editor of Reuters, Part-time Professor in Chinese University of Hongkong and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
    Xiaowen Bi

  10. 14:30-14:35


  11. 14:35-15:05

    Keynote Speech:New Cycles and New Drivers: How to Manage Your Wealth Better

    Founder and CEO of Cainiao Licai
    Jiabiao Hong

  12. 15:05-15:10


  13. 15:10-15:40

    Keynote Speech: Trading Psychology - How to Relieve Your Anxiety?

    Psychosocial Counselor of Shanghai International Studies University
    Lan Mei

  14. 15:40-15:45


  15. 15:45-16:30

    Keynote Speech: Business Manners:(1)PR Style in Business Occasions

    Keynote Speech: Business Manners:(2)Manage Your Image By Yourself

    1. Senior Professional Trainer Certified by the Shanghai Talent Office
      Wei Liu
    2. Guest Lecturer for Fashion Design of Donghua University
      Ruixiao Lv
  16. 16:30-17:00

    End of Day 1

Fintech and Global Investment Forum

  1. 10:30-11:00

    Keynote Speech: 2019 FX168 Global Investment Market Blue Book Release and Investment Map Announced

    Finance Analysis Trainer of FX168 Finance College
    Ken Dai

  2. 11:00-11:05


  3. 11:05-11:35

    Keynote Speech: The Understanding of Common Reporting Standard (CRS) Regulation in China

    CEO, Wise Visa
    Hairuo Yang

  4. 11:35-11:40


  5. 11:40-12:10

    Keynote Speech: Hong Kong Financial License - A Pass to Global Layout

    FX168 Senior Consultant in Financial Licensing

  6. 12:10-13:15

    Keynote Speech: (1) How to Set Your Asset Allocation under Current Market Conditions

    Keynote Speech: (2) Dubai Gold Exchange - the Opportunities of One Belt and One Road

    Yongkun Investment Research Team


  7. 13:15-13:45

    Keynote Speech: Cross-Border Pathway&Compliance Operations

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer of "LH Town"
    Junlong Lou

  8. 13:45-13:50


  9. 13:50-14:20

    Keynote Speech: Technology Innovating Finance, Technology Serving Finance

    Managing Director of TradeMax
    Lee Yu

  10. 14:20-14:25


  11. 14:25-14:55

    Keynote Speech: Smart Trading vs Commodities and Currencies

    Special Guest Analyst of AWEFX
    Chenyan Xie

  12. 14:55-15:00


  13. 15:00-15:30

    Keynote Speech: (1) The Opportunities and Trends for Blockchain in 2019

    Keynote Speech: (2) Building a Trusted Data Internet of Value

    1. Secretary General of Shanghai Blockchain Investment Alliance
      Echo Kong
    2. Founder and CEO of GXB
      Minqiang Huang
  14. 15:30-15:35


  15. 15:35-16:10

    Panel: FinTech & Innovation

    1. Moderator:Senior Manager of Trading Products Department, FinTech Center of FX168
      Jay Kuo
    2. Guest:Director of Investment Research and Training APJFX
      Licen Han
    3. Guest:CTO of Fameoption
      Louis Liu
    4. Guest:General Manager, SHZQ(HK)
      Wei Wei
    5. Guest:Linktrade Technology Limited CTO
      Yan Gao
  16. 16:10-16:15


  17. 16:15-16:45

    keynote Speech: How to Build a Win-Win Trading Community With Blockchain

    Founder of
    Morgan Zhang

  18. 16:45-17:00

    End of Day 1

  • 9:00Registration

Speakers Hall

  1. 09:30-10:00

    Keynote Speech: Sharing Laojie Spring 2019 Investment Strategy

    A Media Veteran in China

  2. 10:00-10:05


  3. 10:05-10:35

    Keynote Speech: Hong Kong Stock Trading Strategies in Q2 2019

    Senior Research Fellow, Wealth Research Department Guangfa Hong Kong
    Hang Xiong

  4. 10:35-10:40


  5. 10:40-11:10

    Keynote Speech: Seizing Opportunities in the 5G Era

    Senior Research Manager in HSTong
    Guangyu Li

  6. 11:10-11:15


  7. 11:15-11:45

    Keynote Speech: The Logic of Making Profit in Futures Markets

    Founder and General Manager Yishan Traders Club
    Xu Han

  8. 11:45-11:50


  9. 11:50-12:20

    Keynote Speech: The Application of Quantitative Methods for Time and Space in Gold and Oil Markets

    Associate Dean of FX168 Finance College, Senior Financial Analyst
    Micket Xu

  10. 12:20-13:15

    Keynote Speech: How Options Will Bring You to the Era of Three-Dimensional Quant-Trading

    Chief Strategist at the Institute of Future Finance
    Qi Wang


  11. 13:15-13:35

    Keynote Speech: Trading for Yourself or Management by Professionals: Which is Better for Making Profit?

    Founder and Fund Manager ATOM Asset Management HK Ltd.
    Zhou Yi

  12. 13:35-13:40


  13. 13:40-14:00

    Keynote Speech: The Application of K-Lines in Intra-day Trading

    Director Golden Hunter Trade Training Centre
    Yanting Chu

  14. 14:00-14:05


  15. 14:05-14:25

    Keynote Speech: Trading - From Novice to Advanced

    Winner of the Fourth FX168 Analyst Show
    Liang Lv

  16. 14:25-14:30


  17. 14:30-14:50

    Keynote Speech: The Analysis of Main Central Bank Monetary Policies in 2019

    Financial Analyst of FX168 Finance College
    Jiajun Tang

  18. 14:50-15:00

    End of Day 2

Fintech and Global Investment Forum

  1. 09:30-10:00

    Keynote Speech: How to Control Trading Costs and Evaluate Trading Environments

    Tradefora Co-founder
    Pavel Khizhnyak

  2. 10:00-10:05


  3. 10:05-10:15

    Keynote Speech: Efowin: a New Generation of Mirror Trading and Social Network Platforms

    COO of Efowin
    Henry Zhao

  4. 10:15-10:20


  5. 10:20-10:50

    Kenote Speech: Financial Derivatives in the Age of AI

    Special Guest Analyst of Fameoption
    Seven Meng

  6. 10:50-10:55


  7. 10:55-11:25

    Keynote Speech: NEXUS - Aggregated Liquidity Technology

    Institutional Sales Director
    Samuel Pang

  8. 11:25-11:30


  9. 11:30-12:00

    Keynote Speech: Traders College - Trading Community

    Head of Overseas Markets in Followme
    April Lee

  10. 12:00-13:15

    Keynote Speech: How to Create a Sustainable Trading Strategy by Following a Trading Signal Source

    Founder of Forextop
    Sheng Zhou

    Keynote Speech: Macro-Analysis and Practical Trading Strategy

    The Champion of FX168 TradeKing First Masters Competition(2015)
    Lei Liu


  11. 13:15-13:45

    Keynote Speech: How To Recognize Trading Opportunities Through Big Data

    Linktrade Technology Limited CTO
    Yan Gao

  12. 13:45-13:50


  13. 13:50-14:20

    Keynote Speech: Index Strategy in Quantitative Trading

    R&D Director of Shanghai Changer Index Company
    Shihua Duan

  14. 14:20-14:25


  15. 14:25-14:40

    Keynote Speech: The Introduction of the FX168 Trading Strategy Store and the Starting Ceremony of the First Asian Professional Traders Competition

    Operation Manager of Trading Products Department, FinTech Center of FX168
    Ru Yang

  16. 14:40-15:00

    End of Day 2