Established with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the Shanghai Exhibition Centre (SEC) specializes in offering large-scale conference and exhibition services.

With its buildings completed in March 1955, the SEC is the oldest site for conferences and exhibitions in the People's Republic of China. Over the past six decades, the SEC has been the location of quite a number of important political events and foreign affairs, where CCP leaders of the first, second, and the third generation arrived to attend meetings and to meet scores of heads of states from foreign countries. The SEC has hosted a great many successful international and domestic conferences, exhibitions, and commercial promotion activities and is a center for important political, economic, scientific, technological, and cultural activities. Architecturally, the SEC is blessed with unique characteristics. All in all, it is the ideal venue for conferences, exhibitions, and large-scale events in Shanghai.


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Directions to the SEC

Traveling to the SEC by public transport is quick and easy. We are close to Jing'an Temple Station, so simply take line 2 from both the PVG and SHA airports. Alternatively, you can also take a taxi from either airport. The average cost is 200 RMB ($30) and the journey will take approximately one hour, depending on traffic conditions.